brian jay Brian J is a charismatic and soulful visionary, whose well-crafted songs invite the listener to enter a world of infectious dance grooves and indelible melodies. He spent his formative years in New York City, New Orleans and Los Angeles, honing his craft to become an accomplished live performer, multi-instrumentalist and producer.

In 2005 Brian assembled this group of righteously soulful vocalists and musicians to bring to life the musical concept that would become The Pimps of Joytime. The bandʼs diverse sound and spirited attitude is strongly influenced by the Brooklyn DJ culture and live music scene from which they emerge. The new album Janxta Funk! features collaborations with legendary artists Cyril and Art Neville of the Neville Brothers and Roy Ayers have helped vitalize the bandʼs connection to its roots.


galacticGalactic is one of the top bands in the funk world today. A stable quintet that plays together with high musicianship, they’ve been together so long they’re telepathic. Though the band hasn’t had a lead singer for years, it is not purely an instrumental group. Galactic is part of a diverse community of musicians, and in their own studio, with Mercurio and Ellman producing, they have the luxury of experimenting. So on their albums, they inject a style that’s unusual in rock, but common in genres like hiphop: they create something like a revue – a virtual show featuring different vocalists, mostly from New Orleans, and instrumental soloists – each taking their turn on the stage of the Galactic sound universe.

The band usually creates new material in collaboration with its many guests, though they occasionally rework a classic. Despite the appearance of various platinum names on Galactic albums, they prefer to work with artists who are still underground. With guest vocalists ranging from New Orleans favorites like Maggie Koerner and Erica Falls, to more recent shows, including their 2015 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival featuring Macy Gray, Galactic has always been a funk band. Whatever genre of music anyone in New Orleans is doing, from Mardi Gras Indians to rock bands to hardcore rappers, it’s all based in funk, the common musical language of New Orleans. Galactic represents the most complete cross-section of what’s happening everywhere in contemporary New Orleans – all of it tight and radio-ready.